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01) When did you first start watching Everwood?

Almost a month ago...I watched all 89 eps in about 2 weeks or so...once you get into it you can never stop!

02) What made you first start watching?

I've heard about the show last year and I wanted to start watching it but I could not find any eps, plus I've had other show I was into so I just skipped it..Then over a month ago they aired Kids In America in Poland and seeing Greg I remembered about Everwood. I also was kinda disappointed with the shows I've been watching and I've decided to start with a new one. Boy, was that a smart move!

03) Favorite season and why did you love this season so much?

Well, Everwood rocks in general but I think S1 has EVERYTHING that a great season should have. Everything's perfect there. Everything's well balanced and it allows us to sunk into those amazing plots of every single character. People in the industry should watch this season and learn how those things shoud be done.

04) Rank the seasons, your favorite to your least favorite:

1, 4, 3, 2

05) Favorite character and why do you like this character?

Ephram...I've watched many, many shows in my life but I never was lucky enough to come across such extraordinary character like this one. The idea of creating Ephram was a genius thing to do and giving him such amazing writing and intense storyline was something very rare if not one of the kind. However Ephram would not be THIS Ephram if not for this wonderful and mindblowing acting of Gregory Smith! Watching the series I could totally feel HE was Ephram for those 4 years, giving this boy his mind, body and soul, not JUST playing the part but really getting INTO IT! It's actually beyond my understanding how a person can devote himself into something like this and not be fake for a single second. It's something that does not happen a lot. Ephram is Love!

06) Least favorite character and why don't you like this character?

I'm thinking Madison but as much as I hated her for messing with Amy's Ephram and putting a dark shadow on their relationship I think Hannah and Jake are higher on my list of least favorite charaters...Both just too annoying as for my taste..

07) Favorite storyline of all time is:

Ephram / Amy all the way!

08) Least Favorite storyline of all time:

Let's fire the babysitter! Now!

09) Favorite romantic couple/s and why:

Ephram / Amy - because they were the most amazing couple I've ever seen, because they had this connections that couldn't be broken by the most horrible things they were going through, because the devotion they've had for each other is something that touches your heart, because even when apart they still were together, because the love they've had for each other could not be described by any words coz it wouldn't be enough, because they're simply one soul divided into two bodies!

10) Least favorite romantic couple/s and why:

Why baby sitter still works here?!?!?

11) Are you currently watching the show in rerunland?

I've only watched the entire series like a week ago and I'm mostly rewatching bits and pieces now (Ephramy mainly) but I already started rewatching full eps of S1...

12) If we would have had a season 5, what storylines were you the most interested in following?

I would be ALWAYS interested in Ephram / Amy and later I'd love to see how Andy and Nina's relationship would evolve.

13) If you could tell the CW one thing regarding their decision not to take Everwood, what would you tell them?

You cut Everwood, bad ratings will cut you!

14) Best looking actor?

Greg has a whole package!

15) Best looking actress?

Emily all the way! She's beautiful!

16) Are you satisfied with the Series Finale?

I am. I've got everything I wanted...Perfect closure!

17) Favorite episode of all time?

Tough I said I've only watched the series once but if I HAD to give one now I'd, I can't...ok..#1! Pilot rocked!!!

18) Most talented actor?

Greg blows your mind when you see him onscreen! He's sooo talented it almost touches a genius level. No, wait! He's already there. This guy will go places in life!

19) Most talented actress?

Emily is just as great as Greg...Totally, unbelievably stunning!

20) If you could explain in a few sentences to someone who has never seen the show WHY they should tune in and watch, what would you say?

Well besides explaing the general storyline I'd say that if they're looking for something that will change their lives - Everwood is it! That it will touch them at so many levels they were not aware even exited in them. That the show is amazingly written and even more amazingly brought to the screen by extraordinary actors who would make them feel like they're not just watching the show but actually living in it!...
That once they'll go Everwood, they could never go back!
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