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Great topic idea Michelle.

01) When did you first start watching Everwood?
From the very first episode.

02) What made you first start watching?
Because I always thought that Treat Williams was an excellent actor, and I saw previews for the show that showed me this show was going to be very different from what we normally see on television.

03) Favorite season and why did you love this season so much?
Season One, because it was the season that started it all, but I liked all of the seasons for the most part.

04) Rank the seasons, your favorite to your least favorite:
1, 3, 4, 2.

05) Favorite character and why do you like this character?
Andy, because I just loved seeing the journey he went through over the years, I loved how flawed and human he was, and I especially loved seeing how much he grew from his devastating loss to become a caring and compassionate man.

06) Least favorite character and why don't you like this character?
Hannah, because she was boring and judgmental, and the writers wasted far too much time focusing on her character. Also Jake, because he was a totally unnecessary character and a waste of time, and I hated him and Nina as a couple.

07) Favorite storyline of all time is:
The romance of Ephram and Amy.

08) Least Favorite storyline of all time:
The affair of Andy and Amanda. Also the whole Madisongate debacle.

09) Favorite romantic couple/s and why:
Ephram and Amy, because they were the most perfectly realized romantic couple that I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch.

10) Least favorite romantic couple/s and why:
Ephram and Madison, because they were totally mismatched and she acted like she was ashamed of him. Also Tommy and Amy, because he was a total loser who dragged her down to his level. Lastly, Bright and Hannah, because they were mismatched and boring, and they wasted screen time that could have been devoted to Ephram and Amy or even Ephram and Bright, who had a great friendship.

11) Are you currently watching the show in rerunland?

12) If we would have had a season 5, what storylines were you the most interested in following?
Andy and Nina, to see how they would have related as a couple, especially since we knew that Sam had loved Jake, and hopefully seeing Ephram and Amy together and happy.

13) If you could tell the CW one thing regarding their decision not to take Everwood, what would you tell them?
That they were out of their minds to not renew this wonderful show, and that I’m glad that 7th Heaven is tanking. Also, that I hope their entire network fails.

14) Best looking actor?
Treat Williams and Greg Smith.

15) Best looking actress?
Emily Van Camp.

16) Are you satisfied with the Series Finale?
Absolutely. The only thing I would have changed was to have Nina tell Jake that she loved Andy and that she couldn’t be with him, instead of having Jake make the decision for her.

17) Favorite episode of all time?
That’s a tough one, because there were so many wonderful episodes on this show, but I’d have to say The Reflex.

18) Most talented actor?
Treat Williams and Greg Smith.

19) Most talented actress?
Emily Van Camp.

20) If you could explain in a few sentences to someone who has never seen the show WHY they should tune in and watch, what would you say?
I would say that Everwood is the most wonderful television show that you’d ever have the pleasure to see, because it combines touching drama, wonderful characters, and intriguing stories that really make you care and want to tune in every week. The acting and the writing were superb, equal attention was given to all the characters, and the dynamics between all the characters were incredibly engaging and they really evolved over the years. In short, I would tell anyone that asked that if they watched Everwood, I can guarantee that they won’t be disappointed.
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