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Title/Link: Aiming Higher
Author: Kelly G
Pairing: Lois/Oliver Clark/Chloe (not as a couple)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: possibly some for the episode "Rage"
Short summary: Oliver plans a surprise date for Lois, set after "Reunion" and before "Rage."

Aiming Higher

“Lois, would you schedule that meeting with Senator Hartley for next week?” Martha Kent asked.
Lois looked up from her laptop. “Sure thing, Mrs. Kent.” She made a note in her appointment book. Clark and Chloe entered the Kent’s kitchen. “Hey, Smallville.” Lois greeted Clark. “Chloe, what are you doing here?”
Clark and Chloe exchanged glances. “Clark’s helping me with an article about dark Thursday.”
“Clark?! I’ve never pictured you as the reporter type.” Lois looked at Clark in disbelief.
“I wrote a few articles for the school paper.”
“And they were quite good.” Chloe added.
“Thanks, Chloe.” Clark smiled at her.
“Anytime.” Chloe smiled back.
“Ok. Whatever.” Before Lois could say anything further there was a knock on the door.
“Were you expecting someone?” Martha asked.
Clark shook his head.
“I’ll get it.” Lois said, a little too eagerly. “Oliver!” Lois exclaimed as she opened the door. Her welcoming smile faded immediately. Instead of the tall, blond, handsome CEO of Queen Industries that she expected, there stood a tall, blond teenager holding a bouquet of a dozen red roses.
“Flowers for Lois Lane?” the delivery boy said uncertainly.
“I’m Lois,” Lois said, taking the flowers from him. “Thank you.”
The boy remained standing at the door.
“Lois, I think he’s waiting for something,” Clark reminded her.
“Oh, right.” She handed him a tip.
“That’s already been taken care of.” He stood there staring at her. “You sure are pretty.”
Clark lowered his head to hide the amused grin on his face.
Lois smiled sweetly. “Um, thanks, but I already have a boyfriend.” Lois closed the door on him.
“Looks like Oliver better be careful. He could have some competition.” Clark teased.
Lois made a face.
“I’ll get you a vase for those.” Martha said.
“Oliver sent you roses! Wow, what a man! Chloe sighed.
“Jonathan used to give me flowers when we were dating.” Martha smiled at the memory.
“Do women really go for this?” Clark asked.
“Yes!” All three women answered at once.
“What does the card say?” Chloe asked.
Lois read the card aloud. “Lois, Sorry I couldn’t deliver these in person, but I decided to take your tip to aim higher. Meet me at the Queen Industries building at 8:00 pm. Oliver.”
Clark’s eyebrow went up. “What’s this tip to ‘aim higher’?”
Lois blushed slightly. “I mistook Oliver for a delivery boy and I told him he could do better.”
“Really? You told him that?!” Clark laughed.
There was another knock at the door. Lois answered it.
“Package for Lois Lane.”
Lois took the large white box from the delivery boy and thanked him, closing the door quickly to avoid a repeat from before.
Chloe and Martha both gathered around Lois. Clark stood back and watched as Lois lifted the lid off. Gingerly, she held up the emerald green evening gown. Lois was speechless.
“Wow!” was all Chloe could say.
“It’s beautiful!” Martha said. “So romantic.”
Clark rolled his eyes. He couldn’t believe they were all smitten with Oliver Queen.
Lois finally found her voice. “Take notes, Smallville. You might learn something.”
to be continued....

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