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Season Two Appreciation Thread #1 (99-00): Leo/Piper/Dan, Oh My!

Here is place to discuss the second season of Charmed. This was the year the girls got older, started dating more, and got a hold on there powers. So, let's discuss the girls' second year...all our reactions to the episodes and stories.

Episode Guide:

23. Witch Trial
24. Morality Bites
25. The Painted World
26. The Devil's Music
27. She's A Man, Baby, A Man!
28. That Old Black Magic
29. They're Everywhere
30. P3 H2O
31. Ms. Hellfire
32. Heartbreak City
33. Reckless Abandon
34. Awakened
35. Animal Pragmatism
36. Pardon My Past
37. Give Me A Sign
38. Murphy's Luck
39. How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans
40. Chick Flick
41. Ex Libris
42. Astral Monkey
43. Apocalypse Not
44. Be Careful What You Witch For
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