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Originally Posted by xstarsgoblue25x (View Post)
lol, seriously. i didn't know that either. apparently the writers have been doing their vampire research or something.
I don't know where Kripke came up with Dead Man's Blood but they used it last season in the episode (I believe the eppy name was Dead Man's Blood) where an old hunter was killed by vampires and the boys investigate and meet up with their dad again. He had Dean get dead man's blood because it is a weakness of vampires. It doesn't actually kill them but it does incompacitate them.

Not as good as the previous two eppies but still a good eppy. Totally cringed when Dean hit Sam and also when he killed that vamp. Loved the line where Sam tells Gordon on Dean can call him Sammy. Awwww....

I felt sorry for Dean having to question his black or white view of the supernatural. I wonder if that will be a recurring issue this season about not all supernatural entities are evil. Hmm...

I loved seeing the Metallicar back but at the same time thought it made an appearance too soon. I wanted to see them work on it some more. Oh well...

Glad Dean started talking about his dad's death but hated that he talked to Gordon and not Sammy.
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