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Just a few S/V fics:

-The Iceman Commeth (by Angela) PG-13 Completely AU. Michael Vaughn is a restaurateur who has suffered a great loss. He meets pediatrician Sydney Bristow at a hockey game.
Incredibly well written, I don't usually like AU stuff but this is amazing.
-Rainmaker (by Angela) PG-13 Sequel to The Iceman Cometh. The romance of Michael and Sydney continues.
Just as good as The Iceman Commeth.
-Notre Amour (by Agent Nikki) AU Sydney and Vaughn meet under completely different and unusual circumstances. No Spies.
Highschool type fluffy fic.
-Hindsight (by Laura)R to NC-17 There's no CIA, anymore, Vaughn. There's no protocol...There's not even a Sydney Bristow anymore." Vaughn faces a decision.
Anything by Laura is amazing.
-Human (by winifredish) PG This is what a broken heart must feel like ....
Would never think of something like this happened, interesting. Probably won't be updated on
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