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From the Moderator Managers....

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that the Fan Fiction board will be closing on October 8, due to a lack of sustained posts. This board has been struggling with traffic for a long time now, and recently, it went through several periods where no one posted on the board for over 72 hours, so I did a post count from last Sunday to this Sunday, and it only had 15 posts, so we made the decision to close the board.

Many boards here already have fan fiction threads {like our Alias}. We’ve changed the Fan Fiction part of the rules thread to read as follows:

Fan Fiction:
• You can directly post fan fiction and open threads to discuss fan fiction on the individual message boards here.
• You can link to Fan Fiction websites, but you can’t link to other Fan Fiction message boards.

So, please continue to post your complete fan fictions on here... you just won't be able to post them on the Fan Fiction Board, as it will be closed. Please use your discretion concerning what is proper for Fan Forum, because we’d like to keep all content here, including fan fictions, PG-13.
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