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This is super awesome!! I can't wait to start it LOL. I may make a few more myoc's though...if I can be bothered

Edit: Looks like I can be bothered LOL.

NAME: Jennifer Singlass. Jen (hates being called "Jenny")
AGE: 19
SCHOOL: Art Institute of Seattle
JOB: Works at Pegasus Pizza on Alki Beach
PERSONALITY: Sweet, Open-minded, Opinionated, Argumentative
HISTORY: Jen is your typical girl-next door type. She was raised with two parents who love each other very much and she is not known to say a mean word about anybody. She has been into art since she was a little kid, even showing her parents her little finger paints she did. So, because of this, she excelled at Art in school and tried to get the best marks possible, so imagine her surprise when she got accepted into the Art Institute of Seattle.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Brittany Snow

NAME: Aaron James Roland. AJ
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: Chief Sealth High
JOB: Works at Pepperdocks
PERSONALITY: Fun, Organised, Temperamental, Intelligent
HISTORY: AJ is what you would call a momma's boy. He is really close to his mother and he would do anything to please her. He moved to Seattle 3 years ago from Chicago because she got a job as a high flying CEO of this really big company. So AJ, along with his mom, dad and siblings, moved there and he has never looked back.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Tyler Hoechlin

Note: Linked pics as well just incase LOL.

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