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Oh, it's fine. I'll make a profile

NAME: Katherine Morrison (Goes by Kate)
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: West Seattle High
JOB: Unemployed
PERSONALITY: To wrap it all up, Kate is a snotty, rotten, rich-bitch. She's known to West Seattle as the "gossip girl", knowing everybody's secrets. Under no circumstance are you 'safe' from the rath of Kate Morrison. Through the years she's been known to plot against students who are seemingly her friends. Though she is not the leader of the popular pack, she does give off the impression once in a while. Besides the fact, she's coniving, cruel, and down right two-faced. To the popular boys, she is a seductress, completely manipulative, a reason their not interested. Never underestimate the power of Kate, though, for she is powerful beyond belief.
HISTORY: Kate was born to Tracey Devila and Gage Morrison on October 12, 1989. He father was the owner of an extremely successful oil company, Morrison Interprises. Growing she was treated like a princess, always getting anything she wanted with the wave of her hand. None could say that Kate is shallow though, because she's extremely intellegent, and anything but a shady rich heiress. She refuses to give off that impression, and comes off as a strong young woman, trying to find herself. Out of the popular girls, Michelle may actually be the nicer one. Don't get the wrong impression, she's a total witch, but she's less likely than the rest of the gang to always be on your case, possibly because she's only concerned about herself once in a while.
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