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Oh, I still need to have a guy character! And this sounds super good already, lol. I'll do an MYOC for my male character.

NAME: Travis Kelton, goes by 'Kelton' usually
AGE: 19
SCHOOL: Seattle Pacific University
JOB: Works as a waiter as the trendy Ovio Bistro.
PERSONALITY: carefree, independent, somewhat rebellious, sarcastic, outgoing
HISTORY: Travis is out on his own in Seattle, working as a waiter to pay his way through college. Pining for freedom from his parents as soon as he hit eighteen, he moved to Seattle to go to school. Carfree and a bit on the wild side, Travis isn't known to settle down for anyone easily. Living by his own rules, he's sure to give you a few surprises along the way.
RELATIONSHIPS: TBA, he's open if anyone's interested.
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