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Right Faith, this is tempting, I'm in. Can I have Cameron Stollman and Adriana King? I'll also take a few MYOC's (Alexis Dziena and Ricky Ullman) Profiles in a few
Edit: Here they are Let me know if they're okay

NAME: Harlow Pescowitz. Answers to Harl or Pesco
AGE: 22
SCHOOL: Seattle Pacific University
JOB: Works at Hollywood Video in Westwood Mall
PERSONALITY: Forthright. Ambitious. Intelligent. Rebellious. Driven
HISTORY: Harlow Pescowitz has had a seemingly hard life. Her parents divorced when she was ten and since she's an only child, she had to be apart of a bitter custody battle which left her to live with her dad. She's originally from Boston and her life was turned upside down when her dad wanted to pack up everything and move to Seattle. She had to make new friends and she couldn't handle change very well and that's when she started to rebel, not only against her dad, but against the school system, by taking drugs and smoking etc. She has since cleaned up that act, but that doesn't stop her from rebelling from time to time.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Alexis Dziena
Note: I wasn't sure if it was medium enough lol and I can't crop .

NAME: Jeremy Kilton
AGE: 18
SCHOOL: West Seattle High
JOB: Works at Jamba Juice in Westwood Mall
PERSONALITY: Charming, Motivated, Determined, Outgoing
HISTORY: There's not really much to say about Jeremy, except that he was born and raised in Seattle to a Magazine Photographer father and a Supermodel mother. People think that if his mom, Rebecca, is a Supermodel, he wouldn't need a job at Jamba Juice because they'd be rolling in the dough. Truthfully, he's sick and tired of living vicariously through his mother and father and wants to be known as just Jeremy Kilton and nothing else.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Ricky Ullman

I know these may be used later on, but I thought I'd do their profiles now and I may make some more soon

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