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:| Arbor Heights |: More MYOC's Welcome!

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. . : : THE SCENE : : . .

The crazy kids and tangled relationships of one town in West Seattle has all the makings of what could very well be the next MTV "reality drama"... ARBOR HEIGHTS. The story begins with one group of incoming West Seattle High seniors and their ever-growing network of friends that extends even to their rival school, Chief Sealth High in the neighboring town of Westwood. It's the summer of 2006, and these group of friends find it only fitting to kick the excitement up a notch to honor the final summer months of their high school lives.

. . . . The Schools . . . .
West Seattle High School (known to students as "Westside") is a comprehensive public high school in Seattle.
Chief Sealth High School has roughly one thousand students, who comprise one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse student bodies in Washington State.
<< more about the schools >>

. . . . Things To Do . . . .
There are a lot of interesting places all over West Seattle. Check these lists of restaurants, malls, parks and everything else at these links: Seattle Wiki or World 66.

. . : : THE CAST: : . .
Say this is a hot new drama on The CW. The first 10 characters are the "regulars" -- the main cast. As the story progresses the status of the characters may change, depending on what happens to them. A regular or two may be written off the show or given less screen time, and new regular cast members may be added. This is where your MYOCs will come in, if they eventually become a big enough part of the RP. I will be updating each cast member's status before every skip.

I've provided some information already for the main cast, and although these are just the basics, they are facts that are pretty relevant to the background story so far. If you decide to take one of the available characters, you may add some details of your own (in fact, it would be cool if you did, especially in the History and Relationships) as long as they don't completely change the character. And, if you'd like to create any siblings (whole, step, half, whatever you please) for these characters, you may do so as well.

NAME: Devin Lawrence
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: West Seattle High
JOB: Works in Barnes and Noble at the Westwood Mall.
PERSONALITY: Creative. Introverted. Reckless. Sharp.
HISTORY: Devin is a very complex individual, and most people tend to find her intimidating. She used to be the quintessential rebel girl, always finding ways to go against her overprotective parents without actually making them want to disown her completely. But she's mellowed down some in the past year after having met Drake Wilson.
RELATIONSHIPS: Girlfriend of Drake Wilson. Best friend of Jacqueline Kessler and Danielle Trager. Ex-girlfriend of Alexander Lincoln. Works with Ivan Schaffer. Friends with Valerie Jamison.
TB: mizzae
PB: Fernanda Prada

NAME: Stephen Reitman
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: West Seattle High
JOB: None. He spends all his free time on the court.
PERSONALITY: Charismatic. Wily. Aggressive. Cocky.
HISTORY: Stephen Reitman is Westside's John Tucker -- captain of the varsity basketball team, the most sought-after guy in school, king of their social circle. He never dates someone for longer than two weeks, and he always sees more than one girl at any given time. Everyone knows this, but they still want him anyway.
RELATIONSHIPS: Neighbor and close friend of Cameron Stollman. Ex-boyfriend of Adriana King and Danielle Trager. Crushing on Jac Kessler.
TB: mizzae
PB: James Lafferty

NAME: Jacqueline Kessler. Jac.
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: West Seattle High
JOB: Works in Barnes and Noble at the Westwood Mall.
PERSONALITY: Intellectual. Guarded. Introspective. Random.
HISTORY: Since she was in first grade, Jac has set her sights on going to Stanford for college. She has perfected the art of balancing beauty and brains, and in addition to being a social butterfly, she's probably the most well-liked girl in school. With so much going on, she's never been in an actual relationship, as she has yet to meet a guy who has managed to keep her interested for more than a few dates.
RELATIONSHIPS: Best friend of Devin Lawrence and Danielle Trager. Dating Cameron Stollman. Crushing on Stephen Reitman. Works with Ivan Schaffer.
TB: swear to shake it up
PB: Sophia Bush

NAME: Cameron Parker Stollman. Only answers to Cameron (hates "Cam").
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: West Seattle High
JOB: None.
PERSONALITY: Discerning. Creative. Stoic. Focused.
HISTORY: He's never been the type to run for Homecoming King, but he's friends with a few people from the popular crowd. He's the wise, brooding java junkie you'd most want to be around in times of crisis, as he always seems to have a solution to everything. An aspiring filmmaker, he likes to spend his free time working on video editing projects, and he's also taken up photography.
RELATIONSHIPS: Neighbor and close friend of Stephen Reitman. Dating Jacqueline Kessler. Crushing on Devin Lawrence. Doesn't get along with Jason Karr very much, although he wouldn't really say he hates him.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Hayden Christensen

NAME: Danielle Trager. Dani.
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: West Seattle High
JOB: None.
PERSONALITY: Alluring. Outspoken. Fiesty. Tireless.
HISTORY: What Dani wants, Dani gets -- a known, accepted fact in Westside. And if you're a guy, you wouldn't want to deny her the pleasure of your company anyway, because it's not everyday that Dani Trager settles for mere high school boys. Her understated sexiness, something no other girl her age could ever pull off, is what makes her so bewitching to the opposite sex.
RELATIONSHIPS: Ex-girlfriend of Stephen Reitman. Best friend of Jacqueline Kessler and Devin Lawrence. Crushing on Alexander Lincoln.
TB: onetreehill1216
PB: Nik Pace

NAME: Drake Wilson
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: Chief Sealth High
JOB: None at the moment.
PERSONALITY: Facetious. Protective. Strong-willed. Tenacious.
HISTORY: In West Seattle's underground drag racing scene, Drake is an up-an-coming star. He's good at it, and he's only getting better. Everyone around him, however, is trying to make him realize the dangers of his choice in hobby. He's staying away from it for now, especially since he wants to keep his girlfriend Devin Lawrence away from that sort of scene, which she'd probably enjoy.
RELATIONSHIPS: Boyfriend of Devin Lawrence. Friend of Alexander Lincoln and Ivan Schaffer.
TB: paper craned lovers
PB: Wentworth Miller

NAME: Kristin MacMillan
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: Chief Sealth High.
JOB: None at the moment.
PERSONALITY: Dramatic. Direct. Roguish. Insecure.
HISTORY: Most people know Kristin as your stereotypical high school sweetheart -- cheerleading captain, prom queen, social chair, most likely to be famous. She's dated practically the entire basketball team, and she had set her sights on the swim team next, until she met Alexander Lincoln. She fell hard and fast for the local rock star, and their budding relationship is sending her head (and her life) on a spin.
RELATIONSHIPS: Dating Alexander Lincoln. Best friend of Adriana King. Ex-girlfriend of Ivan Schaffer.
TB: onetreehill1216
PB: Kaley Cuoco

NAME: Alexander Lincoln. Linc.
AGE: 18
SCHOOL: Chief Sealth High
JOB: Vocalist of Draco (Westwood's hottest unsigned rock band)
PERSONALITY: Sardonic. Resolute. Nonchalant. Philosophical.
HISTORY: Linc he formed a band 5 years ago with his friends from West Seattle High, where he used to go. After a terrible year which saw the slow demise of the band due to the members' creative differences, Linc skipped town with just a month left in his junior year to go around Seattle in search of a new band. It was then that he discovered Draco, a garage band based in Delridge who were in need of a singer. After everything fell into place, Linc went back home, but he had no desire to go back to West Seattle High. Instead, he restarted his junior year at Cheif Sealth.
RELATIONSHIPS: Friend of Drake Wilson and Ivan Schaffer. Ex-boyfriend of Devin Lawrence. Dating Kristin MacMillan. Neighbor and close friend of Valerie Jamison.
PB: Ian Somerhalder

NAME: Adriana King
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: Chief Sealth High
JOB: None at the moment.
PERSONALITY: Astute. Capricious. Stubborn. Guileless.
HISTORY: The undisputed theater star of Cheif Sealth's productions for the past 3 years, Adriana lives to be the center of attention. Not only does she love acting, she also loves drama in itself -- intrigue, heartbreak, betrayal, controversy... what would life be without them? Also the student body president (it was quite an interesting election), Adriana has the school so wired, it would be wise to stay on her good side.
RELATIONSHIPS: Ex-girlfriend of Stephen Reitman. Best friend of Kristin MacMillan. [Sorta] friends with Lila Shelton.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Kjell Bracke

NAME: Ivan Schaffer
AGE: 17
SCHOOL: Chief Sealth High
JOB: Works in Barnes and Noble at the Westwood Mall.
PERSONALITY: Witty. Intellectual. Introverted. Ambitious.
HISTORY: Ivan came to Seattle five years ago from Los Angeles, after his father took the Chief Executive Officer position at the West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital. It wasn't easy for him to transfer schools, but eventually he was able to adjust thanks to Drake Wilson, his first friend in town. An aspiring writer, Ivan is definitely the silent, intellectual type. But he's far from being a nerd, es evidenced by who he hangs out with.
RELATIONSHIPS: Ex-boyfriend of Kristin MacMillan. Friend of Alexander Lincoln and Drake Wilson. Works with Devin Lawrence and Jacqueline Kessler. Brother of Zac Schaffer.
TB: ChaChaPrincess
PB: Milo Ventimiglia

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