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Someone who lives in Willmy was near the set this Wednesday (09/20/06) and posted on the OTH news thread:

dcforme98 said:

Hey everyone...I live in wilmington..and a go to a community college downtown...i live downtown as well, so i am always around going to port city or what not, cause downtown is awesome! anyway, when i was coming out of class wednesday, they were filming inside of karens..Paul Johanson was actually directing this eppy, (thanks to a crew member who was very nice and let us fans know)..

I saw Bethany, Paul, and Karen (not sure of her real name) maybe Moira...

Anyway "Karen" took a few breaks to stand by the outside door and smoke, she did this about 3 times..did not see chad or james..

Bethany went in the van once and came back with a new outfit on...she then came out and sat on the steps, she put her head down, and seemed in a abd some pics.will post them soon..

also last nite went downtown, they were filming over at the bball court across the river..they had downtown all lit up...

this morning they were shooting once again over at the court...

but yeah, have some pics... the best part is, since they were filming inside, not too many pics i could take, paul drives a new white escalade, i saw it sitting out front of karens while they were filming, and it had a california plate, so i new it was sum 1 important..anyway, filming was over, he comes out, i put up my camera to take a pic, and he point right at the camera, then gets in his car..of course my camera was on screen saver, happened so quick, i missed the shot...but he seems like a nice guy, he yelled hello, and talked to other people ...

sorry if posted in the wrong spot..didn't see a filming section or anything like that

Bringing this pic over, it's Joy on the set - he took it that day - to insert in the first post:

On a day like this a year you'd see me right.
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