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Originally Posted by Mr G (View Post)
Yep... we are coming up on 1 year since BFF screening of WDWE - where I met Shiri the first time (as well as Nor'east Applesaucers).

Before I met Shiri I was "just a fan" of her movies and her characters but after meeting her... I became a fan of Shiri the person. She was so nice. Five minutes after joining our group outside the theater Shiri felt like a friend. She fit right in with all of us.

I think that if Shiri had been the kind of celebrity that you read about... haughty.. aloof.. I would have lost interest in being a fan. Instead, she is warm, friendly, down to earth nice... heck I would be a fan of hers if she never made a single movie.
After meeting Shiri for the first time at the Reed Fish premier I also had the same reaction. She is the complete opposite of what I thought a celebrity was like. It also felt like as if we known each other for years. I guess some of that has to do with the fact that she does not consider herself to be a celebrity and she her self gets star stuck plus the big thing is how she was raised. And then if you top it off with her natural beauty it makes for one killer combination.
"I'm not waiting for life to show itself I'm going after it" - Shiri Appleby

4/29/06 was the greatest day of my life and one that I will never forget. Thank you Shiri.

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