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Originally Posted by dragonflyinn (View Post)
Checkout the new Gilmore Girls promo video that aired yesterday. It has only scenes from the new season so SPOILER FREE FANS DON'T WATCH. It looks like the new season is gonna be juicy =)

YouTube - GG Promo
Thanks, dragonflyinn. YouTube doesn't always work for everyone, so bringing over some other links to the promo (from the spoiler thread, who went a bit crazy with this one, lol, so there's quite a choice of formats).

SPOILER WARNING - this promo has aired on TV, it's all about the coming season, so spoiler-purists don't watch!

For anyone else:

NEW Gilmore Girls Promo - Aired Sept 3rd:
Movie clip (YouTube) (YouSendIt link1, link2, link3) (sendspace) - Courtesy of Genevieve
Quick Time clip - (yousendit link1, link2) (sendspace) - Courtesy of SusanXG
Quick Time clip (YouSendIt link1, link2 ) (sendspace) - Courtesy of ABitStormy
Avi clip (sendspace) (yousendit link1, link 2) - Courtesy of Mots


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