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Originally Posted by curlyhead (View Post)
The promo is not there.

What time did it air? Maybe someone in another time zone could get it. Thanks for the promo description.

Well I hope barilace doesn't mind me taking this over here:

OMG! A promo! OMG! Haha! I just turned on the TV, and promo time.

Luke punched Chris! Chris opened the door and Luke punched him. HAHA! *Dies*

Chris comes to the CS and says.."You're it for me" to Lorelai. OH! Such payback! What episode? I have no clue! must be in 7.01 or 7.02.

They show a scene of Lorelai waking up in Chris' bed.

They show Lorelai saying, "I slept with Chris" to Luke. Like outside the CS.

Lorelai tells Rory that she and Luke "are over." And Rory says something like.."what? Why?"

Also, it goes on that both girls will always have each other. And, shows a scene with the two (Rory/Lorelai) at the CS in Lorelai's trying on clothes

and more:

I know. *sobs* It looks like Luke's face just falls after she tells him. You know? Those pics of the two from 7.01 like standing outside somewhere. That is when she tells him. Or..I think..the promo person could screw things up, since I only heard her telling him.

And. There was more Rory/Lorelai stuff. The two like sitting somewhere. Sorry, I can't remember..I was like: Oh my god! Promo! No! Ugly! Yay! Omg! No! Ugly! Yay!

I think Luke knocks on the door. Chris opens it. And his face. *dies*

Hmm? I think Chris was wearing a white shirt in punch scene, and also the scene with Lorelai at the CS. When he tells her..that she's "it" for him. Maybe, he goes to her after Luke punches him. HAHA!

Hmm? It might just be me, but she didn't look all that miserable in bed with Chris. But, that could change in a matter of seconds. It was only a 1/2 second clip.

But...ew?!? Why?

ETA: When Chris says, "you're it for me." Lorelai looks a little wtf?/freaked out. Haha. I thought that was funny. It seemed like a proposal s1 repeat. Odd. They are like turning back time.
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