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"Crazy/Beautiful" Review

I watched it last night and I found it to be really entertaining without being sentimental and its one of the few teen movies that doesnt involve a prom! Gotta love it.

Kirsten plays Nicole, a "bad girl" that does everything fun and self destructive.
Jay plays Carlos, a good guy that gets bussed to school so he can get a better education that he might have gotten in his own neighbourhood.
It was really cool to see the "good girl/bad boy" roles reversed for once. Jay was awesome about playing a guy that knows what his priorities are from the beginning, but believable about how they can change later.

Kirsten is a great at being the "bad girl" You can kind of see where some of her later roles stem from.

The whole movie was realistic and shot in this cool way that seemed to drain out colour and make LA a little more realistic then the normal Hollywood style.
If you have ever seen the show "South of Nowhere" it also has the same look.

Awesome movie for the first in our movie club!
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