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Anything would have been better! And certainly Khivar was wasted and underused.

I don't know if I really wanted to see Isabel having a real relationship with Khivar, but maybe stringing him along to learn more about his plans for Earth or to get back the Granolith or something. Or heck, have her go evil, it wouldn't have made much sense but it would have been fun!

My favorite Isabel UC ship (barring threesomes which are basically Gazer+ anyway) is only possible pre-S3, unfortunately, but I like Mindwarper - Isabel/Tess. There was a lot of subtext in season 1, and Isabel even rescued Tess in "Surprise."

I also find Michael/Tess very interesting. They're both kind of on the outside, both interested in their alien heritage, and it would have been easy for something to happen while Tess was teaching Michael to use his powers over the summer.

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