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Originally Posted by LeeNeh
I had to dig around a while but I found it!

"Jul 25 2005, 06:00 PM

In doing a Google search: Pizza My Heart, I found a pizza chain in the bay area with the same name that is selling T shirts with their logo and name on it. They have sold something like a 1/4 million T shirts to date."

Thought it had been mentioned before.
Oh yes I found that info out a few months ago I was dying. Very cool there is an actually pizza place kind of like the movie with their very own Pizza Chain.

Oh yes Boston I was looking through those photos today. Such wonderful memories. It was an amazing weekend and I had a blast with everyone including Shiri. Shiri was the first actress I ever met. So it was very exciting for me! It was so wonderful to finally meet her in person she is very sweet and kind I wish her nothing but the best in life.

I think it is funny how When Do We Eat comes out a month before the one year anniversary of when we all saw it in Boston and and what is really funny is that we actually found a Pizza my Heart Pizza box at New York pizza in Boston right down the street from where the theater.

Kristen was the one who spotted it. Her reaction was priceless when all of the sudden she was really excited and was like "Look I see Shiri" everyone in the Pizza place thought we were nuts!

So we knew Seeing the Pizza My Heart pizza box was a sign we would meet Shiri.

We even tried to get the Pizza My Heart Pizza Box but no such luck the Pizza Guy behind the counter had no idea why we wanted the box and didn't even know who Shiri Appleby was when we told him that the Pizza box was from her movie. It was classic trying to get it from him However no such luck.

It was funny when we saw Shiri we even told her about seeing the Pizza My Heart Pizza box and showed her the photo of it and told her she should stop by the Pizza place. She was laughing at the photo and told us how her family has tons of those boxes laying around their house.

Here is the photo of the Pizza My Heart Pizza Box that we saw in Boston at New York Pizza our sign telling us that we would meet the lovely Miss Shiri Appleby.

Over all The 2005 Boston Film Festival was a great weekend meeting new friends, touring Boston, seeing good movies, seeing old friends, creating new memories, and making dreams come true.

Hope all is well.

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