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No, I haven't yet ... I keep thinking I should, though, because soon I'll have every other song that's ever been on the show and not her things! When I was reading the list of songs on MOPNT, hers seemed to be listed as "Background Music" a LOT of the time, rather than music that *would* stand out like most of the songs do, so I'm not in a particular rush just yet!

I've gone through and made a list of the songs I want to collect together - some of them I know I have on CDs around the house, I just need to figure out which! I haven't included the ones I downloaded yesterday, though.

Away - Leroy
A Little Respect - Erasure
Camera One - Josh Joplin
Wonderful - Everclear
Fuzzy - Incredible Moses Leroy
On Fire - Sebadoh
Sinnerman - Nina Simone
Ever Fallen in Love? (With Someone You Shouldn't've) - Buzzcocks
"Attitude" by The Replacements
Surrender - Cheap Trick


"Caught by the River" by the Doves
"Something's Always Wrong" by Toad The Wet Sprocket
If I Had A Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies
Mother We Just Can't Get Enough" by the New Radicals
Tell Her This" by Del Amitri
Waiting for my Real Life To Begin - Colin Hay (I've got the version from the ep, with the cast singing, but I really want to hear the full length version!)
"High Time" by Michael Penn
Pinch Me" by the Barenaked Ladies
"My Brilliant Feat" by Colin Hay

"Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" by Bryan Adams
Do It Again" by Stroke 9.
"Cindy" by Tammany Hall NYC
"Bad Day" by REM
"Someone" by Tammany Hall NYC
"The Rescue Blues" by Ryan Adams
"Everything's Not Lost" by Coldplay
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