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I already loved the song because Four Star Mary covered it and I love them [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] So when I heard the song on Scrubs, my ears pricked up, a lot.

Their version is good too, but obviously it's not the same!

Also, I've been meaning to post this, for anyone (I say that, even though there seems to only be us two here!) who didn't see it at MOPNT a while back..

Get Keren
Those familiar with the music used on Scrubs, even the tracks used in the background, are probably familiar with the name Keren DeBerg, but probably don't know her music quite as well as they would like. DeBerg, who has been described as a mix of Pat Benatar ("Dude, she rocks"), Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson, has finally released her long-promised full-length debut album, titled 'gone'. With 11 songs, 7 of which have been featured on the show, the CD is sure to be a worthwhile addition to any Scrubs fan's music collection.
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