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Heh, you got me! *sheepish*

And I wanted a shameless way to get people to tell me songs to download! [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img]

I got it from Amazon, although I think I've seen it in Borders too. I preordered it about a month before release and then they put release BACK a month! I was gutted!

Look at this conversation I had with my friend:

Me: I'm making me a Scrubs soundtrack. I have the offical one, but that was in season one! There's been two seasons worth of wicked songs since!
Her: I heard an absolutely gorgeous song on one of the eps. I think it was the last in the series they showed on telly, and could I hell find it anywhere!
Me: Well you should have said it to me! I'll find it for you!
Her: I never thought! And now I can't even remember what the song or the ep was. Hrmf.
Her: It was about ships and waves and... Yeah.
Her: lol
Me: grrr you fool
Her: I am a fool!
Me: It wasn't the one with the woman singing was it?
Her: I think so, yeth.
Her: Oh!
Her: Do you know it?
Me: I can try and find it

She's now happily downloading the song that Elaine & the cast sang at the end of My Philosophy - bless her!
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