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2x16 was intense and the fact that the father died in the end but Jubal made the right decision

Going to watch 2x17 but than will do Most Wanted 1x06-1x08 tomorrow before the crossover

Scratch 2x17 where got 20 minutes maybe in but learnt a hockey game starts in 5 mins so going to watch its 1st period and than see cause I have a game watching in full starting in an hour

ETA 12 minutes and than got 30 minutes left where probably get another 20 minutes considering got some time before the main NHL games am watching

Oh Mona being targeted

Still 15 minutes left so might get that in during break of NHL

Finishing as it looks like pre-game for hockey

Trouble in Paradise for OA/Mona which I am fine with cause I do like Mona but I like the idea of OA/Maggie
So Maggie is gonna be gone for a bit? so will do 1x06-1x08 for Most Wanted tomorrow plus the crossover and see if 2x19 as well to finish FBI than go finish Most Wanted
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