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Originally Posted by eternalfate (View Post)
Thanks for the update, Johnnie. You want us to guess other words or do you need to update first?
The update had already been done within a few minutes of that post in post 251, if ya set posts per page to 25 the puzzle is usually the first on the page.

32A is correct, reposting on this page

Please only answer one at a time. Refresh to see updates.

All questions are from Smallville - 1x19 - Crush


1. Justin was painting and a(n) __ sign was visible from a nearby area.
3. Lana came to the Kents to order __.
6. Lex's mom died in the year __.
7. Danny turned out to be the one who hit __.
9. The number on the elevator read __ when they started to notice something was wrong.
11. One of __'s parents died.
12. Justin's comic had the word __ in it.
13. Pete said that Chloe planned on asking Clark to the __.
15. __ seemed to be the full plate of the vehicle that hit Justin.
17. Lionel wanted to sell __.
19. Justin has something like __.
23. The doctor wanted to be a(n) __ when he was younger.
25. It looks like it was apx __ when Clark came into the newspaper room after hearing about the Principal.
26. Lex said that someone was dying of __.
27. It looks like it might have been around __ when Clark came into the paper room with Chloe and Justin.
29. Last year the Daily Planet received over __ applicants.
32. Someone asked if Clark considered a career in the __.
33. People were waiting for more adventures of the __ from Justin.
34. __ was supposed to be a conference in Metropolis.
35. There was a light blue coloured __ on the counter at the Talon.
37. Lex's mom was born in the year __.
39. __ was the name of the Principal's son.
40. Next to the __ sign was where Rene was waiting for the doctor.
41. Justin has been there __.
42. __ had a booth set up next to the Inquisitor.
43. The person who visited Lex called him __.
44. Justin used a(n) __ to knock Chloe out.
46. We start out at the Metropolis __.
47. A Mr. __ was the owner of the vehicle that hit Justin.


2. There is a poster partially labeled __ where Justin was standing when he overheard Clark talking to Pete about the newspaper article.
3. __ was the address of the vehicle match to the one who hit Justin.
4. __ was the room Lex's old friend was in.
5. __ was the first name of Lex's mom.
8. It seems Martha's __ sell well at the Talon.
10. __ seemed to be the zip code of the person who hit Justin.
14. The car that hit Justin was a __ coloured __ (type and year)
16. The response from the DMV came through at __.
18. __ stopped by when Lex was visiting his mum.
20. Justin planned on using a(n) __ brand __ on Chloe.
21. The Talon has a Free __ with Purchase on Saturdays.
22. Justin had an Inquisitor article titled __ Doctor loses hand in freak accident.
24. Article... Declining Quality of __.
28. __ is the first part of the title of the book Clark was reading.
30. __ is the last part of the title of the book Clark was reading.
31. Justin was talking to a Dr. __.
33. The paper we see of a cartoon in the paper seemed to have an article on the front page about __.
36. Whitney wanted to take Lana to __ on Saturday night.
38. Despite the street address on file, Kwan's house number was __.
45. Justin remembered a partial plate of __ from his accident.
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