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NCIS: Los Angeles Spoilers & Speculation Discussion Thread #1

NCIS: Los Angeles
Limited Spoilers & Speculation

*op pic coming at some point*

The following limited spoilers are allowed in this designated discussion thread on the forum:
- Information officially released by the network such as sneak peaks, filming pictures and episodes stills, or cast interviews that hint at future storylines can be posted in the designated spoiler discussion thread at all forums.
- Animations, artwork, icons and other such material (Note: they must not be used across Fan Forum or any other thread until after it has been broadcast)

Information is considered to be a spoiler if it details something that has not yet been broadcast anywhere in the world. Spoilers should only be discussed in this thread if they meet the above limited conditions and any further spoilers should be discussed at the Spoilers board. Spoilers and speculation should not be discussed outside of this thread.

If you're unsure about what might be considered to be a spoiler please continue to use the spoiler tags, shown here: [sp][/sp]
While you don't have to use the spoiler tags in this thread you can if you want to. Please use them if you are unsure on if something is a spoiler or if you're unsure on if it should be posted here or not.

Please note: This thread is for discussing limited spoilers & speculation about NCIS: Los Angeles only. Any limited spoilers/speculation about the other shows should be discussed in their individual threads: NCIS / NCIS: New Orleans.

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