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Engaged ♥ {Conrad & Nicolette} #8 - "Are you the fairy tale type, Conrad Hawkins?" "I wasn’t, but you make me believe."

Welcome to the 8th
{Conrad & Nic}
Appreciation Thread

Here, we support the relationship
between 3 year resident Dr. Conrad Hawkins and nurse Nicolette Nevin.
On and off, they don't seem to be able to stay away from each other.

1. Unsung Hero
2. In Omnia Paratus
3. heartღaflutter
4. chasing the sun
5. Jamie Choate

"I will say there’s something about that relationship that seems sacred. It’s love, not lust. And there’s something lovely about having that portrayed."
- Matt

#1 - "Romance cliches. Those are okay. Especially between Czuchry and VanCamp."
#3 - "I have your heart" "Always!"
#4 - "You make me want to be a better person, it’s one of the reasons why I love you."
#5 - I'd marry you, Nic"
#6 - "Are you sure right now is the right time to make this move?" "I’ve never been so sure
#7 - "What matters is that we we belong together. Nicolette Marie Nevin, will you do me the honor..." "Yes!"


“You’re my one hour person. If I had one hour left to live,
I would want to spend it with you.

{9/27 08 & 5/11 15}
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