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Originally Posted by eternalfate (View Post)
Oh man. Sorry you were dealing with depression in the first place. But I am so happy to have you here, for however much longer or whatever. It's just great seeing you discuss and talk about as much as you need to. You have a lot of thoughts about a lot of storylines which is great.

Your love for the show is to great to watch especially when I hear how many people you want to get involved in your experience. Thanks for sharing it with us.

If you get your sister, please give us a recap of how she feels like what you did with your husband.
Yes this crazy world we now live in..I had to escape it. It was calming to see people acting normal (human) seeing peoples faces and not running around in fear being close together...etc. in a fictional world that I was captivated by. What was hurting the most was choosing between sheltering my son from the madness or throwing him into it with school (masking, social distancing). Also the feeling of having no control over the situation and just outnumbered and the fear of the impending future economic collapse. Even going on a hike everyone that I pass by in conversations we are all so consumed by this "crisis" that is affecting almost every part of our lives.... its too much. I'm also a planner and I like to look forward to future events... all of which is impossible. So it really has thrown me out of balance. Once my son went back to school and my husband went back to work we had some kind of normalcy around here and it calmed me.

Smallville brings me a lot of happiness and escape.. that its helping to keep me more centered and keeps me from falling into the pit of despair and rabbit hole of social media.

If I can get my sister to watch it with me (remotely she is in college) I will definitely let you guys know. If I had to guess she won't be a Clana forever fan lol.
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