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Originally Posted by activia (View Post)

The show pulled me out of the darkness that was starting to consume me and send me into a depression. It made me feel normal for the first time in I'm holding onto it as I continue to try and get through these turbulent times. There are much worse things to use to cope..and I am totally re-engaged with life again.. so its not having any negative affects. I do also go on a hike or bike with the kids almost every getting outside etc.

I'm hoping maybe I can get my sister to watch it with me at night remotely.
Oh man. Sorry you were dealing with depression in the first place. But I am so happy to have you here, for however much longer or whatever. It's just great seeing you discuss and talk about as much as you need to. You have a lot of thoughts about a lot of storylines which is great.

Your love for the show is to great to watch especially when I hear how many people you want to get involved in your experience. Thanks for sharing it with us.

If you get your sister, please give us a recap of how she feels like what you did with your husband.
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