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Originally Posted by eternalfate (View Post)
Well myself and Cece didn't post much. lol I didn't really post on any of my boards much but I made a good posting round yesterday.

You aren't going to do a 3rd re-watch of the show right?

Also congrats on 1k!
Thanks! Yes I love when you guys keep up the conversation!

3rd? oh I am way past 3rd........................
So the first time around I watched on my phone and multi-tasked (although I kind of checked out of life for a couple of days..)........Then I was watching at night with my husband from S1...and I saw for the first time on the big 50" screen with no distractions(except folding laundry).... at the same time I have been continually watching the show on my phone whilst multi-tasking and for the rewatches I'm much more attention to life then the show it's more turned into background music as I'm not actually watching it most the time..(while I clean/cook/ sometimes while I play with kids/always when putting toddler down to nap...and I fall asleep to it..sometimes I'm propping it up on the counter so I can see as I clean kitchen/cook) I know I know I know I'm nuts. I also watched all of gamers reactions... some multiple times and watch fan vids. I am way past obsessed.
me =

The show pulled me out of the darkness that was starting to consume me and send me into a depression. It made me feel normal for the first time in I'm holding onto it as I continue to try and get through these turbulent times. There are much worse things to use to cope..and I am totally re-engaged with life again.. so its not having any negative affects. I do also go on a hike or bike with the kids almost every getting outside etc.

I'm hoping maybe I can get my sister to watch it with me at night remotely.
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