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Gilmore Girls 20th Anniversary Celebration - October 5, 2020

w e l c o m e t o t h e
Gilmore Girls
2oth anniversary

c e l e b r a t i o n t h r e a d.


"Coffee, please, and a shot of cynicism."

T h e Show.........

A dramedy centering around the relationship between a thirty something
single mother and her teen daughter living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Thirty-two
year old single mom, Lorelai, lives with her teenage daughter Rory in the small town
of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, with crazy neighbours and many ups and downs.


Gilmore Girls. A show that never really appealed to me given the title (I’m not a girly girl
type) so I had never given it the time of day. That is, until my BFF
kept hounding me to watch “this show with a character a lot like (me)”
in it. A caffeine-induced smart ass (me) who had a kid when she was in high school (not me),
raised her separate from her grandparents and had developed a connection
with her daughter more akin to that of a friendship. I didn’t want to like this show but
I felt I’d give it a chance just to shut my BFF up. Wow. Little did I know
that show would go on to become one of my favorite series of all-time.
I immediately connected to Lorelai’s sense of humor, and yes, her addiction to
all things java. Here was this charming little town all decorated for fall with
fairy lights strung up along the streets, beaconing any wandering stranger to
check out its quaint shops and fall in love with its eccentric townsfolk. This show
immediately recalled another favorite show of mine, and one in which I’d come to
find out was an inspiration to GG's' creator, Northern Exposure. All of the humor, the
wit, the charming characters, the jovial folksy “la la”s which peppered the
background and transitioned the scenes, the endless pop culture references, the
quick-witted banter, the romance, all of it wrapped in this pretty little package of whimsy.
I was hooked. I immediately devoted the next few weeks to binging the series
which took a bit longer back then because I had to rent the DVDs via Netflix
because they weren’t streaming yet. By the 3rd disc, I jumped on Amazon and
searched for all the seasons on DVD and dropped over $300 snatching all of them up.
I lost myself in a world which never failed to put a smile on my face no matter
the drama going on in the episode. The slow burn romance between Luke and
Lorelai was my Kryptonite and kept me sweating in anticipation for ANY shared
scene between those two characters, on pins and needles waiting for that flashbulb
moment between them where they FINALLY realized their feelings towards each other,
and kissed each other with a fervent passion that had been simmering underneath
the surface for SO LONG. Yep, right up my alley. I really cared about Lorelai and
Rory’s bond but I equally relished the bond between Lorelai and her mother, Emily.
As strained as their relationship was, they had moments of understanding and
love which touched me deeply and kept me wanting more. To see both of those
disparate relationships clashing against one another really resonated with me.
I didn’t want their stories to end, I wanted my escape to Stars Hollow to last
forever, and in a way, it has with this fandom and board. I’ve met the most fabulous
people, some with whom I’ve forged lifelong friendships. I can’t even begin to tell
you how much that means to me. And all because of a show. So, this super cool
party person bids you super cool adieu and thanks you for joining me on this
wild ride and I look forward to all of our fabulous future discussions. Happy 20th Anniversary, Gilmore Girls! Copper boom!
~ Jen / Talula78

I was a pretty causal fan of the show early on.
I had watched some episodes, but never dove in fully. I was watching ABC Family
in 2004 and saw a promo for Gilmore Girls. They were going to start airing reruns
of the show. The promo included Luke and Lorelai's kiss in the season 4 finale
and I got pulled right in. I started watching season 5 live as it aired. I eventually
caught up on the rest of the episodes I missed through ABC Family and the DVDs.
It's hard to believe I've been an “all in” fan for 16 years now. This show has been
my escape and is why I found Fan Forum all those years ago. I found people who
loved the show as much as I did and wanted to talk about all things Gilmore.
I wasn't alone in my obsession with Luke/Lorelai and Rory/Jess. I'm grateful for
friends I've made here and thankful for all of our posters that have kept this
board going. I can't imagine my life without this show and I'm glad that the
WB took a chance 20 years ago.
~ Lindsay

October 5, 2000 - October 5, 2020
Happy 20th Anniversary Gilmore Girls !

"Mom, you've given me everything I need."


My relationship with Gilmore Girls started back when I was in either 9th or 10th grade
(so about 2-3 years after the original series ended) and it was mentioned along
with Alexis in one of the textbooks for my Spanish class. The first thing I ever saw
with a cast member in it (not as a voice actor - for that that would probably be
Keiko on Kim Possible) was Lauren in The Pacifier back when I was 10 but I didn’t
really know who she was at the time. I wasn’t aware of the show back then when
it was still on the air because I wasn’t aware of The WB channel at the time and
was definitely still watching Disney Channel well into middle school.

I kind of forgot about the show being mentioned and wouldn’t come across
Gilmore Girls again until about 6 years later when the revival came out and I
saw it all over Netflix (and Twitter I think) and was like, “Why does everyone
like this show so much?” (yes that was an actual thought in my head at one
point believe it or not). Not too long after that I started seeing a lot of Jess/Literati
gifsets on Tumblr blogs I follow (which is honestly a big part of how/why I start
shipping certain couples) and I became more intrigued especially when they
were being compared to another huge OTP of mine (Dan/Blair from Gossip Girl).

My first real time watching part of an episode was when I went over to my
cousin’s house in the middle of the afternoon (I actually have the exact date
cause I re-blogged a Literati gifset on that day - June 25, 2017) and I was flipping
channels and caught a re-run episode on ABC Family I believe (I don’t have cable
at my house - I haven’t had it for almost 10 years now). It was Here Comes the
Son and this was the first episode I ever saw a substantial part of. I still remember
watching the scenes with Miss Celine, Paris/Lorelai, and some of Jess in Venice Beach
(I left before the “I have nothing” scene with him and Jimmy) for the first time like
it was yesterday. This episode will always hold a special place in my heart because
it was like I said the first episode of the show I watched a substantial part of.

Later that summer in August I began watching a ton of Literati clips on YouTube
(I literally stayed up doing this one night) and the rest is history. I officially began
watching the show in August of 2017 on Netflix and my life has never been the
same since then. I finally understood why people love this show so much. This show
has given me two of my biggest TV show OTPs, some of my favorite TV show
characters, and introduced me to this amazing community of fans. I feel like I was
really able to relate to Rory and her college life (as someone who was in college at
the time and was about to graduate soon with my BS degree) with the whole future
being uncertain towards the end of season 7.

I have also become aware of a lot of amazing music with this show. Amy and Dan
really are good at picking the soundtrack for this show. For me what makes this
show so special are the memorable characters along with the talented cast who
bring them to life and this world that Amy and Dan created in this cozy Connecticut
town of Stars Hollow. The trademark fast-paced dialogue and pop culture references
ingrained into that dialogue were also unlike that of any show I had seen up to
that point. Even though I only first started watching it 3 years ago I consider this
show to be one of my favorites (my go-to comfort show) and it definitely feels like
coming back home every time I watch an episode.
~ atwoodsmariano

I came late into the Gilmore Girls fandom,
but I instantly fell in love with it from the first episode. The characters
were all relatable on the show in one way or another, and I loved watching
them grow. I love the small town feel of the show and always loved seeing
the town change with the seasons. The show in general brings out a feeling
of nostalgia in me. The show in general can make you feel all sorts of emotions,
it can make me laugh, cry at times. I am really glad I discovered the show and
grew to care about the characters. It is now a show I will re watch over and over again!
~ Colleen / msstock87


"Life's short. Talk fast."


I can't believe it has been 20 years! I did a double take
when I saw UP doing a 20 year Marathon celebration this weekend!

October 5, 2000 where has the time gone!

Gilmore Girls where do I begin wow what a show! It is a classic.
No other show like it. Funny, smart, witty, loving, and shocking all at
the same time. I loved the cast of characters. They all felt like family or
like you know someone like them. Gilmore Girls had a lot of heart and love.
I think that is what made it so special.

Over the years I was so lucky to meet some of the cast of Gilmore Girls.

I met Milo Ventimiglia in 2006 at a signing at the NBC store in Rockefeller Center
when he was doing for the TV show Heroes in 2006.

I also met Masi Oka at that Heroes event as well. Ironically he was on an episode
of Gilmore Girls when Rory visits Harvard.

Alexis Bledel I met at the 2006 Tribecca Film Festival for her movie I'm Reed Fish

Laura Graham I met when my friend invited me to a Tony Party for Guys and Dolls in 2009.

It was a joy to meet them! They are all sweethearts! I hope you all get the
chance to meet them someday.

In 2006 I also got to see the set of Gilmore Girls when I went on the WB tour
with friends when I visited CA for the first time. It was the last season of Gilmore
Girls so we got so lucky that we got to see the set. It was so awesome. We even
got to go inside Luke's Diner!

However we couldn't take photos of the set because they were filming and when
the cast was filming tourists couldn't take set photos. It was amazing to see them film.
They were filming the episode "Knit People Knit". It was amazing to see the cast
in the town square for the scene.

Anyway we have a lot to celebrate! 20 years of Stars Hallow, Friday night dinners,
coffee, 22.8 miles, a film by Krik, Oy with the Poodles already, 1,000 yellow
daisies, and so much more!

"I try to say goodbye and I choke, try to walk away and I stumble, though
I try to hide it it's clear my world crumbles when you are not here"~Macy Gray

Happy 20 years Gilmore Girls!

~ Roswell 10/2/00

''The first time I saw an episode of Gilmore Girls is a long time ago.
My sister was watching it casually and I had nothing else to do, so
decided to watch the episode aswell. My love for TV started with
Gilmore Girls. It was the first show I watched in full. I didn't have
the most happy childhood and Gilmore Girls always managed to make
me feel sane. It made me happy. It didn't matter if I was happy or sad;
the show always made me feel better. To this day it's the only show I
watched more than 2 times in total. It has become a tradition in our house
to rewatch the series every year. Surprisingly it never gets boring. Hell,
we even used the intro song of the show for our wedding; it played when
we were entering the room where we got married, with all the guests seated.
The music fitted perfectly; it finished when we arrived at our seats, like the
song was made for that moment. Making the show even more special.''
~ Alwayshappy


T h e Icons.........

( Summer Falls )

( Si )

T h a n k - Y o u Gilmore Girls

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