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Capeside started well for most, but we knew that for the record Pacey and Dawson were struggling after they heard rumors that their friend Jack was not straight. They decided to go talk to Jack and see if he needed anything. A close friend was nearby to Grams and Jack when Jen came in and they all sat together. Jack and Ethan met at a cafe after Dawson told them that it came as a surprise to him but they had fun getting coffee as a date and talking about Dawson's admision. Sunday brought the town some rain so everyone could get a chance to play and dance inside the house. Why Doug even cares that Pacey said that him and Jack would make a better couple than Ethan and Jack would make was telling. Today, Pacey decided to help Jack get a chance to figure out what to do with his ex and his conflicted relationship with him. Was it Doug who Jack met last week? Ethan and Doug were confused about Jack's decision to quit trying to choose between them. One of the reasons why Jack refused was his doubts on relationships based on lies. He always took the most stupid lies and believed that anytime he tripped, someone laughed. Pacey and Dawson argued about girlfriends and decided to make cookies. Baking resulted in a fun and messy results. The rest of the evening went by with no problems and everyone was having a blast, until the cops were called and everything turned on its own time. The only thing that remained the problem that Dawson was worried about Gretchen and needed to eat the pancakes before the cookies were burnt. Any burnt food was taken out of the only container found in the cupboard. Dawson

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