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This episode was fun for the Christmas cheer but there were slower bits. I didn't love all the separation from the characters. I think this was one of the weaker episodes of the season. But still really enjoyable and so much of the plot was moving forward which I liked.

It was great to see Pedro! Sad we don't get to see more of him.

I enjoyed the Clarke and Hope interactions a lot. I want to hate Clarke but a part of me likes him. It was so dumb of her to let him out of his cage though! So dumb! I loved the phonecall at the end. I think he could potentially be redeemable.

The Raf/Landon storyline was boring. I am glad to get more of Raf, but IDK, randomly throwing in this father storyline is a bit weird to me. It was cute when they hugged though and I am glad Raf wanted to stay with him for a while but it sucks he wont be in the episodes.

Sebastian and Lizzie were really fun to watch, he does remind me of Damon. Their sex scene was way too fast imo, but I guess the tension was building.

Lizzie going to get Landon was so cute <3. I love their interactions.

The santa vs krampus fight was so weird lol.

Kaleb getting his car was cute!

Landon is back already? And he and Hope got back together??? That was SO FAST. I would have been so much better if he just said he was taking a trip with Raf and would be back soon and that he would decide then or something.
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