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Yeah, it would have been fascinating to see if the "Tallies" had their own experience with the "monster" in whatever form it took. Even if we didn't see the actual incident, Ana Lucia and Jack talking about it would have been intriguing if for no other reason to know what they each thought it was, and why it was so gone quiet so suddenly.

Also, the monster very well could have come up in conversation when Locke and Mr. Eko were on Mr. Eko's adventure and they discovered the Pearl station. Lord knows there was enough strange phenomenon transpiring between the two with interlocking dreams and exchange of faiths.


Danielle explained at the end of season one that the "monster" took the form of a "security system." That makes sense because it instantly killed the pilot. But then season 2 comes along, and the monster is portrayed completely different. And i'm left asking myself "Well, which is it?" Is the "monster" an invisible force that thrashes through the jungle loudly or is it a puff of black smoke that jumps out of the ground? Because without an explanation, the black smoke and the invisible monster appear like two different concepts the writers are trying to mesh into one. No longer do we hear the loud, invisible thrashing through the's like the writers just dropped that concept because it wasn't "cool" anymore. I hope i'm explaining this right...but it's like the monster has been replaced with a "new one."
I guess we just see the "monster" and any explaination of it's true form differently. Sure, I want to know what it is, but the "monster" very well may be one of the only mysteries of the island I'm more than willing to wait until the series end for an explaination in absolute terms. As long as it continues to be a part of the show, integrated in a way that the characters have to respond to it, or we learn a little bit more about it's special properties via the characters...then I'm all for it remaining a mystery.
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