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Originally Posted by Darbi
Even with all the unanswered questions, the show had direction and focus especially in the season finale. And as it headed into S2, it carried a great deal of promise of what we would see. The "Others", why they wanted Walt, what was so special about him, why didn't they want Aaron anymore, the suggestion that there were other survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, the hatch. (for what that's been worth) Then there were the characters themselves. Walt being taken and seperated from Michael, Jin and Sun's touching, beautiful and heartbreaking good bye, Sawyer's bitter sweet departure from the island. Telling Jack about his father, but not getting to say goodbye to Kate. Kate searching for Sawyer before she left to go on the hike. Sayid and Charlie trekking down Rousseau to get Aaron back for Claire. Artz coming out of red shirt oblivion to play a pivotal part in the finale. Locke nearly being sucked down into a hole by the "monster". Walt leaving Vincent in Shannon's care. Hurley trying to assert himself last minute to stop Locke from blowing the hatches door. All these great things to be elaborated on and developed.

Exactly, and that was the beauty that enveloped season one as a whole. It made the season finale intriguing and gripping because the focus was on all the characters. All of their connections to the island played a significant part in the unfolding of the story no matter how minor/vast their roles were at the given time. The balancing of the ensemble cast was at it's best!

You know, I don't have an issue with the "monster" be it in invisible form, or soul reading black smoke's a cool entity that unfortunately got over looked this season. Eko facing the monster head on was the single coolest scene filmed this season. The fact that it was Eko's flashback made it all the more intriguing. However, the simple fact that neither Locke, Jack, Kate, Charlie, Hurley or Eko ever mentioned it again...oh, wait, Locke did mention it to Kate to ask what she thought it was, and what she thought Jack thought it was...but that was it. Not another word. Why didn't someone else have an interfacing with the "monster"...Sawyer, Sayid, Claire, Sun, Jin? Would it have made any difference? Somehow, I doubt it.
Hmmm...i guess for me the change was too drastic because without a clear explanation as to what the "monster" is, it left me confused. Danielle explained at the end of season one that the "monster" took the form of a "security system." That makes sense because it instantly killed the pilot. But then season 2 comes along and the monster is portrayed completely different. And i'm left asking myself "Well, which is it? Is the "monster" an invisible force that thrashes through the jungle loudly or is it a puff of black smoke that jumps out of the ground"? Because without an explanation, the black smoke and the invisible monster appear like two different concepts the writers are trying to mesh into one. No longer do we hear the loud, invisible thrashing through the's like the writers just dropped that concept because it wasn't "cool" anymore. I hope i'm explaining this right...but it's like the monster has been replaced with a "new one."

The black smoke and Eko's confrontation with it was intriguing but it just looked like a new concept compared to what we were introduced to in the pilot episode.
And you did bring up another good point...why didn't anyone else have more confrontations with the "monster"? In season one, it was roaming freely and very close by to the fusies side of the island...we even saw it thrashing through the tops of the trees a couple times. I mean, "it" seems to have become awefully quiet for something that is suppose to be acting as a security system? It also would have been interesting to know if the "tailies" had ever encountered anything like it on their side of the island? Was that really the first time Eko saw/heard it? Maybe it was just the first time he had a direct encounter with it like Locke did?
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