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Originally Posted by crash landing (View Post)
Dave not sure if its illegal to personal fireworks from your own place as a kid remember someone by the school use to do fireworks on their street

Chris yea same about people doing it themselves especially considering we've got quite a collection of trees around the neighborhood

I know my sister enjoyed some in Stathory related to their neighbours setting some off but from what I recall they are pretty treeless
Sarah... yes it's still illegal to set off fireworks in backyard because of possible fires to others property nearby.... people sitll do it . Now if you have 5 acres of land you can get away with it pretty much... if you have one acre or less land in backyard and ornary grumpy neighbors like Batman or Scrooge...then they will calll the police on their neighbor

Johnnie...well the 2 people who dropped out were not too active ...and the Trivia thread moves like lightning if you miss a day

my friend has back problems.... so no lunch out today...things like this happen every Holiday... last year... same friend had heart surgery and called me from Hospital on the 4th my friend is healthy overall
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