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COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #56: "It’s not our time, right now" - Michael talking about Alex | "But it will be" - Isobel | "I think so" - Michael.

{ 56; }

m i c h a e l & a l e x
a p p r e c i a t i o n t h r e a d

The Alien & The Airman

They grew up in the small town Roswell in New Mexico and sometime during high school they grew closer and they fell in love
with each other.
But something happened during their graduation which made Alex leave Roswell and Michael behind. Ten years
later he went back and to his surprise Michael stayed in Roswell all these years. Seeing each other again all of their feelings they had
for each other when they were seventeen came back to the surface and it was impossible for them to stay away from each other.

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002. Alex Guerin
003. blaↄkpink
004. cry pretty
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malex: then & now


honorary shippers
Michael Vlamis Tyler Blackburn Jeanine Mason
Lily Cowles Shiri Appleby


That Alex finds out about Michael being an alien.
That we find out what happened between them 10 years ago.
That we get to see more scenes where they can just be together.
That Alex willl call Michael by his first name.
That Michael and Alex will have some deep converstations.
That we will get to see them camping.
That Alex will initiate their next kiss.
That they will say 'I love you' to each other.
That we will see them going on a date together.
That we will see them kiss under the stars in the desert.

fanvideo of the moment

001. Because their love is still there after ten years.
002. Because Michael never looks away. Not really.
003. Because the way they look at each other.
004. Because they used to play the guitar together.
005. Because they both have a piece of the alien glas now.
006. Because Michael wants to tell the one (Alex) he loves the truth.
007. Because they’re constantly thinking about each other.
008. Because Alex gave Michael a place to stay.
009. Because Michael protected Alex from his abusive father.
010. Because they will always find their way back to each other.
011. Because their love is once in a lifetime kind of love.
012. Because their love is cosmic kind of love.

scene of the moment

no, you never looked away. now I can’t look away.


future titles
"It's just been great to see with such a rich storyline the two of you have." - Acess
"It gets really good, I think it gets really good." "Yeah, get ready."
"I mean, I was really lucky to do this with Tyler, especially." - M "I was very lucky as well." - T
"Malex baby! Oh he’s looking hot. He’s looking so hot!"
"It's fun to portray love when there’s that much tension." ~ MV
"You see why we’re the way we are, why we may have some reservations, why there is so much love." ~MV
Because they both have a missing piece now to be put together.
"Michael and Alex are definitely deeply in love." - MV
“We’re not brothers. We’re lovers, dude!” - MV
"Malex is once in a lifetime kind of love."
"They really belong together."
"They find their way back to each other."
His safe place is Michael’s safe place.
Our love is everlasting. ~ MV
Because everything about Malex is so damn beautiful.
Because Michael's mom approved of their relationship and wanted them to live.
"Michael is a good person."
"You do run hot, Guerin."
'Fans have fallen in love with Malex' love for a lot of reasons, but most of it can just be explained with soft' - TV Fanatic
'Their beautiful, angsty & heartfelt story has already been going on for years, but in many ways, is also just starting'.
'Alex & Michael have a cosmic connection that is sealed with a kiss at an alien museum' - Tell-Tale TV.
“Chemistry is color coordinating without coordinating. Much love to tylerjblackburn ❤️" | Vlamis’s IG stories
"I took Alex because I knew it was the best way to get you to co-operate" - Flint to Michael.
"You don't know what he is, son" | "I know what he means to Alex" - Jesse and Greg talking about Michael.
'Alex & Liz are just mere mortals but these aliens have.. like imprinted on them in a way that's like nothing else'
'The show's signature relationship is a creation unique to this version: bisexual alien Michael & Alex, a half-Native American Air Force captain'
'It's the sparkling, electric chemistry between Vlamburn that has unexpectedly elevated the storyline to the pantheon of truly iconic TV relationships'
@MichealVlamis: Am I in love with Alex Manes as Michael Guerin or am I in love with @tylerjblackburn as Michael Vlamis?
“Of course there’s hope for Malex. Give me Malex or give me death!” - Michael Vlamis, IG Live, 7/10/2020
“Tyler, man. Phenomenal kisser. So good. I miss kissing him" - Michael Vlamis, IG Live, 7/10/2020

Where I stand, nothing’s changed.
Yeah. Including the way you look at me.


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