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The Blondettes {Nikki Reed &Kristen Stewart} #9: Who wouldnt love to see these two hang out again...?

Welcome to the 9th Nikki/Kristen Appreciation Thread

by Lorelai Evans Danes

1. Lorelai Evans Danes
2. Morgan_T
3. Haebrethilien
4. breakingdawn_
5. blueangelrei
6. sarah11650
7. stani
8. Alessia20
9. Ghost.Of.You
10. autumn_hope
11. withlove23x
12. Sanne!
13. EmptySmile
14. lakers0604
15. KellAndSteve4Ever
24. CubanChica
25. Roswell 10/2/00
26. Chophia4life
28. mim92
29. loveloveme
30. Lukacnd
31. beth bluth
32. Tracie2004
33. KCsGirl
34. rojinegraforever
35. Kelly_Dylan
36. xcynt_94
37. Pure.Magic
38. Motoko Ayoama
39. HaleyBub
40. Fairy*
41. L&P. Scott

1. Because they phone each other every other day
2. Because Nikki looks up to Kristen
3. Because they are both California girls

"I am in New York right now working, and Kristen and I are on the phone with each other every other day. That girl is not only a beautiful person, but a brilliant actress who I look up to and learned a lot from. Enough said." (Nikki Reed)

"....I don't speak to my OC buddies as much anymore, but I'm VERY close to some of my Twilight costars. Kristen and I are best of buds-she's one of the most amazing people in my life..." (Nikki Reed)

Whatever our souls
Are made of... His and Mine are the same...❤
He is like a drug... Each time I take the tiniest bit of him,
I crave more and more...❤
He consumes my thoughts and invades my dreams...T♥H
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