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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
That's a perfect way of describing Paul Stupin.

Berlanti might have come up with the initial ridiculous idea of PJ, but he never wanted it to last or play out like it did. He wouldn't have been saying he was a DJ fan at the end of the series (and that they should have ended up together).

So it's like Berlanti came up with a short-term teen soap idea with the intention of it lasting probably a couple episodes, but Stupid took the idea and made it his own. He was the mad scientist that grabbed on for dear life and tried to form it into something beautiful and lasting. Failed experiment. Such a destruction it's impossible to revive or reboot the series.

Seriously, even putting aside the obvious reason why they cannot revive... Jen's death... they also cannot revive because the series ended in a way that destroyed the entire premise of the original series. How can you revive destruction and failure?
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