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Everything Means Nothing If We Can't Have Shawn! Celebrating 25,000 Posts!!

♩♬ Celebrating 25K at the
Shawn Mendes Board!! ♪ ♫

Board Opened: November 1st, 2018
Celebrated 10,000 Posts: March 8th, 2019
Celebrated One Year: November 1st, 2019
Celebrated 25,000 Posts: May 22nd 2020
Current Moderators: Burn the Ships & Sweet but Psycho

I am so thrilled to be here celebrating 25K at Shawn's board!
This board has seen its ups & downs with moderators coming &
going, but I *literally* have been by the board's side since day one!
Since the board opened, I've celebrated every milestone, seen Shawn
in concert, become a moderator, put together a survivor, & found an
amazing co-mod in Kristen! It has definitely been a wild ride being a
part of Shawn's life, both in real-life & on , but I wouldn't have it
any other way! Congrats, again, to Kristen & all of the other posters
who are here to celebrate 25,000 posts! Please stick around & I'll see
you for the two year celebration in November! And for 50K, whenever
that comes!
(Burn the Ships)





Custom Titles:
Jessica (Burn the Ships) - Shawn’s Queen
Kristen (Sweet but Psycho) - Shawn's Princess

Thanks to Chelle, Jen, Petra, & Si for
each making a beautiful banner for the celebration! If I did not
use it, it doesn't mean it wasn't wonderful, I just couldn't find a
place for it!
Everything means nothing if I can’t have you...
🎶 Celebrating 25K @ Shawn Mendes 🎸
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