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The character destruction of Andie was worse though, and it took place in the very first episode of Season Three, before they even thought about a Pacey and Joey paring, and the damage was so bad that poor Andie/Meredith was written off the show, which I consider to be a complete travesty.
I slightly disagree.In spite of the total ruination of Andie, the actress remained very popular. Magazine covers, commercials, interviews, etc.

Meredith Monroe was getting to popular. She was a superior actress to Katie Holmes, and once out of the ridiculous clothes and hair styles they made her wear she was and still is gorgeous. In an interview for some English magazine; Kerr was asked who did he prefer, meaning Joey or Jen. His reply was, "The girl who plays my sister, she is stunning."

In my opinion Meredith was let go because she was becoming to popular and was a threat to the IT girl.

There is quite a bit more to this story, and I have posted bits and pieces. If interested I will gladly sum it up and re-post.

I am actually one of the few people who found the character of Jack boring. While I liked the Jen and Jack friendship it was obvious this friendship was created to keep Jen’s attention away from dating anyone seriously who could show up the IT girl. They had Henry humiliate her in the end, CMMs character treat her like garbage but want to be a prince for Joey, and the guy in college (J. Ackles character) didn’t treat her perfectly either. Of course the second time with Dawson was only to make Joey jealous.
To me the only time Jack was not boring was when he was Dawson's rival for Joey. When they made him gay and had him just be around to keep Jen occupied, I agree. Jack served no purpose.

Kerr Smith when informed he was going to become gay was furious. He was never told that he was eventually play a gay character. Maybe when KW signed Meredith and Kerr for season two he had no idea what he was eventually do that to the character Jack. As I have stated on here several times making Jack gay was the beginning of the end for the series.

Let's face it; from season three on the series became Joey's Creek. Hell in seasons five and six even Pacey served little or no purpose. In fact they could have dumped the character and have Joey dominate and screw with the head of some super rich, very smart quarterback of the football team. Of course Joey would be morally and intellectually superior.
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