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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
Thanks for the new thread Michelle.

My understanding is the the new head writer (who James Van Der Beek, in an interview, said "hated the show") wanted to shake things up and take the show and the characters in an entirely different direction, and the results were a disaster.

The character destruction of Andie was worse though, and it took place in the very first episode of Season Three, before they even thought about a Pacey and Joey paring, and the damage was so bad that poor Andie/Meredith was written off the show, which I consider to be a complete travesty.
Interesting. Shame on Kevin for allowing this to take place. He didn’t have to permanently bail, he could have been a consultant and mostly been around planning each season.

It was worse, especially since they entirely made a mockery out of mental health.

I am actually one of the few people who found the character of Jack boring. While I liked the Jen and Jack friendship it was obvious this friendship was created to keep Jen’s attention away from dating anyone seriously who could show up the IT girl. They had Henry humiliate her in the end, CMMs character treat her like garbage but want to be a prince for Joey, and the guy in college (J. Ackles character) didn’t treat her perfectly either. Of course the second time with Dawson was only to make Joey jealous.

Having Jack around as a Jen distraction did nothing for me when Andie was tossed away. Maddening.

Dawson was out of character from 3.1 and on. That is why I was so mad about it. In no way do I buy Dawson rejecting Joey in the beginning of season 3 given his feelings for her. Instead he was focused on Eve. Then there was Dawson being humiliated by PJ and then attempting to make Dawson look like the villain and Pacey the knight. Honestly, Dawson would have been better off being written off the show so he wasn’t the out of character punching bag.
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