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Lucas ♥ Maya {#28}: Because he was the only one who could 'contain' her.

l u c a s & m a y a

appreciation thread


"It's one minute til midnight and I'm glad you're standing here."

001. Alexa
002. msstock87
003. starryeyesxx
004. Stars Fade
005. menzels
006. MiniAnneBoleynx8
007. MandyCandy218
008. Walt Reynolds
009. ღMitra
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032. stardustmoonbeams

001. Peyton Meyer
002. Sabrina Carpenter
003. Rowan Blanchard
004. Lizzie Meyer
005. Zay
006. Sarah
007. Darby
008. Disney
009. J-14 Magazine

the characters:

"They're so different. They're like f i r e!"

future titles:
001. "I also laugh when Maya ha-hurrs me and calls me huckleberry fifty times a day."
002. "Me and Sabrina always go out to dinner everywhere... cuz we're really close."
003. “I hang out with her and eat lunch with her all the time."
004. “Sabrina is awesome. She and I have always just been really close.”
005. “She’s awesome, I love her.”
006. "Thank you. Love ya." - Peyton
007. Opposites attract.
008. She spoke to him first.
009. Their ancestors were totally attracted to each other!
010. Their banter is highly entertaining.
011. "You're really cute." - Maya
012. "You actually put thought into our little game dontcha?" - maya
013. "Hi, I'm Maya. We should hang out sometime. You make me happy."
014. "Why do you let her?"
015. "You wanna tangle with me?"
016. "You wanna go out with me?"
017. "You wanna take me to a movie, put our hands in the popcorn at the same time and see what happens?"
018. Because they were voted best couple
019. "I want Maya to be happy" - lucas
020. "I hate to break it to you cowboy, but you're dancing with me" - maya
021. "Well, he's looking at you now." - zay
022. "How can anybody see me and lucas as a couple?" "Everybody does."
023. Because she's his little stack of pancakes.
024. "He was talking about you."
025. "You have a real talent. And I want you to get better and share that with people."
026. "You didnt want him to get hurt because you care about him." - farkle
027. "You couldnt watch him because you were afraid something would happen to him." - riley
028. "You make fun of him because you like him." - riley
029. "Quit looking at us huckleberry. / "I'm sorry maya... you look, good."
030. "I dont want you going anywhere near that bull." - maya
031. “What do you think you getting hurt would have done to the people who…” “Care about you?”
032. “You didnt want him to get hurt because you care about him”
033. "There was a campfire. You and me. I was in a far away place. There were a million stars in the sky."
034. “Maya likes you. It’s why she couldn't watch you at the rodeo.”
035. “I saw you Maya. I saw how much you cared. It's why she makes fun of you.”
036. “It's bad enough I’ve been keeping this secret all this time.”
037. "You still like him?" "Yeah."
038. "I could never hurt you."
039. “You stepped back. I know that you stepped back."
040. "It looks like Lucas here is getting all fired up on her behalf."
041. "I feel bad. They are taking away something you are very good at." "You've never said that to me before."
042. "You're a great artist Maya."
043. "I liked the new boy and you stepped back for me." - Riley.
044. "You like Lucas?" "How can you not like him?"
045. "You think they like each other?" "I do."
046. "I think they liked each other better when she was yelling at him all the time."
047. "Who goes on a date and doesn't talk to each other? Oh yeah we do. Hi."
048. "Nothing could ever tear us apart."
049. “I think we all saw it coming,” - Rowan
050. “We just knew it was natural for the characters." - Rowan
051. "For me, this all feels so natural.” - Rowan
052. "Peyton is one of my favorite people in the world." - Sabrina
053. Because he referred to her as the "blonde beauty"


their story so far:

s e a s o n 1:

In the first season, our story begins when our golden boy and rebel
girl first meet on the subway. Maya and Riley spot an attractive
new kid and Maya wants to give Riley a lesson on how to speak
to boys. Lucas is happy to see her talking to him, but her playful
banter seems to throw him for a loop. She doesn’t let him get a
word in and he’s immediately confused by her. When Maya
pushes Riley onto his lap, he tells her his name is Lucas.

The next day Lucas walks into their classroom and introduces
himself as the new kid from Texas. It's when Maya begins to make
fun of Lucas in class that their banter truly begins. Lucas tells Riley
that Maya's teasing is fine, that he is unaffected by her views on
country life. It drives Maya insane that she can't get to Lucas. Maya
begins calling Lucas by numerous nicknames in an attempt to get
under his skin. Their back and forth soon turns into a little game.
However, despite their constant teasing, they can't help but be there
for one another when needed. Lucas defends Maya against Farkle's
comment about her mom and Maya tries to stop Lucas from beating
up another kid at school.

Eventually the two become friends, even if they don't want to admit
it to themselves. Lucas tells Farkle that maybe someday he would
ask out "the other one" (meaning Maya) but Maya surprises him when
she asks him out first. Even though she only did it to push Riley into
asking him out, he is still taken aback by it. The season ends at the
subway, exactly where it began. Both girls have dressed up for their
double date and both Farkle and Lucas are overwhelmed by their
beauty. Later, when Lucas notices that Maya is hurt by her crush
talking to another girl, he persuades Riley to speak with her.

"Hi. I’m Maya. You’re really cute.
We should hang out sometime."

Girl Meets World

“I will break you.”
“Well if that’s what makes you happy
then I certainly can’t wait for it, Ma’am.”

Girl Meets Father

“You actually put thought into
our little game dontcha?”

“I actually do.”

Girl Meets Father


Girl Meets Crazy Hat

“That’s what he wants, he
wants you to be like him!”

Girl Meets Flaws

“I will never get to you will I?”
“Nope. But I sure appreciate the effort.”

Girl Meets Friendship

“Secretary of state is president’s
ambassador to the world.
It means he thinks highly of you.”

Girl Meets Friendship

“Hey other one.”
“You wanna go out with me?…
You wanna take me to a movie,
and put our hands in the popcorn
at the same time and see what
happens or what?

Girl Meets First Date

s e a s o n 2:
Their teasing and playful banter continues in the second season, when Lucas discovers Maya’s middle name. And for the first time ever, Maya calls Lucas by his first name, admitting she finally likes him. But when Lucas calls Maya a short stack of pancakes, and Riley doesn’t defend her, she gets upset. Lucas admits he only called Maya this in retaliation to all her nicknames for him and Eric questions why Lucas alway lets her tease him.

Later, when the school yearbooks are released, the gang finds out that Lucas and Maya have been voted “best couple” by their classmates because of the intense “fire” they share. Feelings begin to surface after this, and the two dance together at the formal. Lucas also constantly defends Maya and gets fired up when the school threatens to take art classes away from her. Even Zay begins to notice their connection and intense looks to one another. Lucas also refers to Maya as the blonde beauty and the tension between them is palpable to everyone in the room. When Maya threatens Farkle after he accidentally hits her with a paper ball, Lucas holds her back and Maya is visibly affected by the contact, kickstarting the attraction between them.

Things really heat up in Texas when Lucas can’t stop staring at Maya after she walks into the room, admitting that she looks “good”. And when Lucas plans to ride a bull to impress his grandfather, Maya refuses to watch, storming out. Riley knows that the reason Maya cannot watch is because of her feelings for Lucas. She realizes that Maya has always liked Lucas, and it’s why she teases him. She knows that Maya stepped back for Riley the first day that they met on the subway. After this confrontation Maya tries hard to accept her feelings and her and Lucas share longing looks at the dance club.

Things intensify later that night when the gang is huddled around a campfire.
When Lucas and Maya are left alone, the tensions run high. Lucas pushes Maya about her feelings but she doesn’t want to talk. Lucas can’t stop staring at her and asks Maya why she makes fun of him. She continues to call him nicknames in an attempt to distract from the truth. Lucas grabs her face to stop her and almost kisses her.
Maya says “you couldn’t think of another way to stop me?” Then Maya admits that she likes him because he’s a good guy and that if he got hurt she doesn’t know what she would have done.

Once they are back in New York things are weird between them but they try to casually date and see where it takes them. Things feel off and they both miss their old interactions with one another. But they continue to remain friends when they work on a project together. They also spend New Years Eve together and Maya finally says something nice to Lucas, and he admits that it makes up for all the teasing. When Farkle blurts out that Riley isn’t over Lucas it complicates things for all of them. Not wanting to hurt either girl Lucas hesitates making a decision between the two of them.

The season ends with another class project and then Lucas admits that he has different feelings for both girls. He then ecides he wants to be just friends with both of them to keep them both in his life. Maya and Riley understand but it’s still hard for them. The feelings between Lucas and Maya definitely haven’t gone away and the resolution to the triangle won’t be resolved until the following season…

“He’s under my protection.
You wanna tangle with me?”

"Not yet."

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

"Why do you do that?"
"Because he lets me."
"Well, why do you let her?"

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

“You don't seem like a mad dog to me.”
“Well what do I seem like to you?"
“You know that lamb Mary had?”
“I don't like the way this is going."

Girl Meets Rules

"Well maybe we don't have a vote Lucas."
"Did you just call me Lucas?"
“I’ve always known your name.
I like us all very much.”

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels goes to Washington

“How could anybody ever
see me and Lucas as a couple?"

"Everybody does."

Girl Meets Mr. Yearbook

"Why would you be dancing with me
if you’re officially a Huckleberry?"

“No, I'm not dancing with you."
"I hate to break it to you cowboy
but you’re still dancing with me."

Girl Meets Semi-Formal

“I don't want that for Maya.
I want Maya to be happy.”

“Maya it looks like Lucas here is
getting all fired up on your behalf.”

Girl Meets Creativity

"The blonde beauty..."
“Lucas talks about himself like that?"
"He was talking about you."

Girl Meets Creativity

“Why are you smiling at me so pretty?”
“Because I want the last thing
you ever see to be nice.”

Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

"Well it was decided that if things
get out of hand that I was the
best choice to contain you."

"Oh, you think you can?"

Girl Meets Rileytown

“Quit looking at us Huckleberry.”
“I'm sorry Maya, you look... good.”

Girl Meets Texas Part 1

“You couldn’t watch him because
you were afraid something would
happen to him, because you like
him. You make fun of him because
you like him.”

Girl Meets Texas Part 1

“You could have gotten hurt on that
stupid bull. What do you think you getting
hurt would have done to the people who…”

"Care about you? You were
gonna say, 'care about you'.'"

Girl Meets Texas Part 2

Sometimes I wish I could close
my eyes and click my shoes.
'Cuz there's no place like you.

Girl Meets Texas Part 2

“Look, if I had feelings for you don’t you
think I’d just come right out and say it?
Well I don’t so what I do say is ha-hurrr...”

Girl Meets Texas Part 2

“And you. You were always scary
to me, you gave me nightmares
from the day I first looked at you.
Then, when I found out I was gonna
have a chance with you, that was
about the scariest moment of my life.”

Girl Meets Texas Part 2

"Hey Lucas, have I ever said
anything nice to you?"

"Well it's 1 minute til midnight and
I'm glad you’re standing here."

"Wow that kinda makes up for everything."

Girl Meets The New Year

“You have no faith in my scientific abilities!"
"Because you fall asleep in my hand!"

Girl Meets Stem

"There was this campfire you see,
you and me. I was in a far away place,
there was a million stars in the sky.”

Girl Meets The Legacy

s e a s o n 3:

coming soon…

the actors:

"Sabrina is awesome, she and I have always been really c l o s e ."

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OP credit:
Juliana for the coding inspiration
Alexa for coding and the artwork
Gif credit specified below the gifs


"There was this campfire you see...
y o u and m e ."

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