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Thanks for the new thread Michelle.

Originally Posted by Auror (View Post)
I can’t believe they ever thought the Eve storyline would be well received.
My understanding is the the new head writer (who James Van Der Beek, in an interview, said "hated the show") wanted to shake things up and take the show and the characters in an entirely different direction, and the results were a disaster.

Originally Posted by Auror (View Post)
Major character destruction of both Dawson and Andie in order to facilitate the joke known as Pacey/Joey.
The character destruction of Andie was worse though, and it took place in the very first episode of Season Three, before they even thought about a Pacey and Joey paring, and the damage was so bad that poor Andie/Meredith was written off the show, which I consider to be a complete travesty.
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