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Everwood Fans who are Dawson/Joey & Pacey/Andie Fans of Dawson's Creek #24: A broken promise. From greatness to mediocrity.

This is an appreciation thread for Everwood fans who are also Dawson/Joey & Pacey/Andie fans. For those who shipped these pairings, the series once had such great promise, but ended up being one of the most disappointing series to date. TPTB enjoyed manipulating the heart and soul of the old school (seasons 1/2) Dawson's Creek audience, who embraced the premise and the main pairings of the show; Dawson/Joey and Pacey/Andie fans. The first two seasons defined Dawson's Creek. Season 3 came along and the show simply wasn't the same anymore. New showrunner who essentially mocked the premise, destroyed the main pairings, and was basically just fine with dropping the quality in order to make the series his own. We know the drill. Discussing our main pairings, as well frustrations over storylines, writing, TPTB, fandom in general, is all welcome here.

Note: This is not a debate thread with other ships. This thread is strictly for Dawson/Joey & Pacey/Andie fans to appreciate the pairings and discuss aspects of the show, both good and bad. This thread was originally created to celebrate friendships between a couple of regulars on the Everwood board who, back in the day, posted on the Dawson's Creek board and encountered some terrible fan wars and not so great moments. We wanted a safe place to discuss our thoughts here on the Everwood board. That is how this thread was created. Jerry D, our amazing Administrator, and my very good friend, came up with the idea and the rest is history. For those of you who ship other pairings and don't agree with the content of this thread, of course there's the Dawson's Creek board and other threads scattered throughout Fan Forum perfectly designed for you.


Credit Xelphia Kenny:

Alternate S5 & S6 : He made a solemn promise he would come and visit her. Hell, he even jotted it down in indelible black ink onto the crisp pages of her brand new journal while wearing a big toothy grin on his face, but regardless, it had been months since Pacey had made any contact with Andie. Andie forced herself not to overthink it and chalked it up to life getting in the way, but the smallest embers inside of her heart that yearned for him still despite everything that happened between them started to prickle at the back of her head. Although once the orientation process at Harvard was over and the real work began, Andie’s thoughts of Pacey Witter were sidelined in order to make room for the mountains and mountains of schoolwork she was receiving on a daily basis.

That was until, out of the blue, Pacey literally came sailing back into her life looking tanned, well rested, and even more gorgeous. Andie vowed to never let herself fall back in love with Pacey, she made an ironclad pledge to herself to never stray back into that hornet’s nest, but his soft, warm gaze pointed in her direction had Andie convinced his heart was remembering the way it used to love her.

She was one hundred percent correct in her assumptions.

The laughter between them settled into a deep warmth and easiness, and they talked well into the wee hours of the night and gradually, the intimacy they once coveted as a couple so long ago had returned to their bodies in triplicate. It started with Pacey’s hand brushing up against hers when she handed him a magazine from a convenience store shelf, which then evolved into their hugs becoming longer and more needy each time they touched. Soon enough, Pacey did the unthinkable, and asked Andie a question she never thought she’d hear again in her life from him…

Pacey Witter had asked her out on a date.

At first, they had both agreed to not invest too much of themselves into the date, stating an urge to take things as slow as they could in order to protect themselves from any harmful fallout, but Pacey and Andie’s mutually intense bedroom eyes that screamed “make love to me.” seemed to tell another story altogether. The immense pain of potentially opening up old wounds over how their relationship crumbled in the past fell to the wayside as Pacey and Andie ended up having passionate, raw, soul searing sex in Andie’s shower. Every single iota of mistrust, devastating heartbreak, and bad memories in their past circled its way down the drain.

And as Andie sat by her vanity, drying her hair and watching Pacey getting ready for bed, she smiled to herself. At long last, she finally felt like she could breathe again.

Fic Links that TL22 supplied and commented on:

1.Kiss Me Chapter 1, a dawson's creek fanfic | FanFiction

This takes place at the end of season four. It's my very first P/A story. two short chapters. My version on how the graduation could/should have went.

2.Thanksgiving, a dawson's creek fanfic | FanFiction

A short interlude of what could have happened between seasons three and four.

3.Finding True Love Chapter 1, a dawson's creek fanfic | FanFiction

Fourteen chapters of what could have happened in the future. I wrote it over two years. The story starts season three when Pacey is getting ready to sail away. The end of chapter one has a unique twist, I think you'll enjoy.

The following is by ElizabethBella who wrote a fantastic Pacey/Andie story. (My favourite)

Come Sail Away Chapter 1: Separate, and apart, a dawson's creek fanfic | FanFiction
This is a multi chaptered story, you won't be able to put down.

The next is another one of my favourites written by the very talented StevieLuvsAlex

No amount of time, a dawson's creek fanfic | FanFiction

The next is a two part Pacey/Andie story written by me and StevieLuvsAlex. The first part is hers and the second part written by me won't make any sense if the first part is not read. Very very short

Everything happens for a reason, a dawson's creek fanfic | FanFiction
Written by StevieluvsAlex

Everything Happens For a Reason part Two, a dawson's creek fanfic | FanFiction
Written by me and takes up where Everything Happens For a Reason leaves off

This is a glimpse of Pacey, Andie, Joey and Dawson when they were very young. The story is two parts..

The next link is by the author Makesmyheadspin. IT is a bitter sweet story and really captures Pacey and Andie.

Fate is The Hunter, a dawson's creek fanfic | FanFiction

Fan Fic Written by Jerry:



The first two links will take you to a collection of D/J stories and the last link to a collection of P/A stories:

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