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Wall of Weird | [Rant & Rave] #7: I may be sad, I may be happy, only time will tell post by post.

With 10 seasons there will be a lot of times you need to vent, but this ISN'T an ANTI hatred thread so, that will not be tolerated. You can talk about your dislike for a certain couple, character, or storyline without going over the edge.

Also, bashing real life actors is a

Separate the actors from the characters. Just because you hate something a character does, it shouldn't get carried onto the real life actor.

Try not to bash a person fanbase, it's okay if you do not like the ship, but bashing a full fanbase is just asking for trouble.

Also with 10 seasons, you may also have thing many things to rave about. Your positive words could make someone else's day.
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