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I already heard about this episode and what happened last week when someone at EW stupidly posted the article before the show even aired

Im quite glad I did so i could prepared for the cheating that is to come. Apparently Barchie make out on stage??? WTF???

Look, I'm fine with Barchie happening, in fact, I was all for the show shaking things up a bit, the OG pairings were getting a bit stated, but the way they did it was just icky. Archie and Betty act so in love with jug/V for them to cheat just is SO OOC! Especially on their best friends!!! Like, its ridiculous that the writers thought this was a good idea??? I just cant handle it.

I really really really hope that V and Jughead dont just forgive them willy nilly and make them work to earn their friendship back. i also hope this means that Veronica and Jughead get closer.

eta: finally watched

All the singing is TOO MUCH for me. I cant handle the musical episodes. Some of them have nice voices but this whole making everyone in the cast sing is NOT IT! And the dancing noooooooo please stop.

Mr. Honey was right in saying the musical wasnt appropriate. Sorry. I actually saw it in a theater and it as a lot lol.

My favorite musical number was the one at the sleepover I think.

I'm sorry but Barchie came out of nowhere. It baffles me that people seem to think they've had build up? HOW?! WHERE? Im confused. Throwin in some random scene from the pilot doesn't = build up lol. And the fact that they kissed after the others fought wth their significant others says a lot.

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