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Hope you (and everyone else) are doing well too and agree

Originally Posted by kerbear28 (View Post)
Thanks for sharing all of those, Mina! They're lovely! I agree with you and Shu in that I prefer youtube vids to insta, and I rarely watch or look for Frary vids on insta. However, I am definitely going to follow the insta account that created the vids you just shared. I love getting my dose of new Frary, too.
You're welcome Keri and yeah That account is good, it also has good Francis vids

Aww you're the sweetest. Thanks for thinking of me, and I absolutely loved it! Now, if anyone could tell me how I can find someone who will look at me the way that Francis looks at Mary...I'd appreciate it.
Sure thing darling yeah, I guess we all can use a "Francis" in our lives, lol.

Ok, as I previously said, I have some other vids to post; the first one is season 3 drama, the second one is season 1 drama, the third one has the same song as second (yes I love that song and there are like at least 7 or so Frary vids with it on insta, lol), the fourth one is appropriate considering our survivor, 'cause it's about their touches and the 6th one has some lovely parallels:

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