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Originally Posted by Butterfly85 (View Post)
Anyone else going to vote? I hated Pacey's icky relationship with that teacher but I didn't mind him and Andie. I was neutral on them, but I couldn't stand her when she became a bitter, hypocritical liar in S3.
I liked Pacey and Andie in Season 2. He was good to her and patient. The part where they are talking through the door when she sees her brother, always gets me. It all changed for me tho, when Pacey rowed up to Joey's pier and held her, when she was crying in 3x01. I never really felt the same way about Andie, after what she did, but I would be lying if I said that during the anti-prom episode, that my heart didn't break for her, just a smidge. When she decided to be a bigger person and told Pacey, "at least you got to dance with her" talking about Joey and seemed like she really and truly meant it, cause she knew it mattered to Pacey. She put her hurt aside for a moment, because she could see Pacey was hurting over Joey. I will always have a bit of respect for Andie, for that moment. Which was the total opposite of Dawson's reaction to Joey dancing with Pacey. He made it harder on Joey. Andie tried to make it easier for Pacey. She won the bitter ex, being a bigger person contest, in that moment.
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