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Originally Posted by ***BLONDIE*** (View Post)
I completely agree. Pacey was such a romantic boyfriend. Even when he wasn't giving huge speeches and pouring his soul out to the woman he loves, he managed to sneak in little romantic comments here or there, in their everyday conversations. Just as a reminder of just how much he loved her and how lucky he felt having her.

When she was talking about getting into college. in 4x17 Admissions

Joey: I'm still processing this whole college thing. It's kinda weird to get your dream.
Pacey: Don't I know it. I say that everytime I look at you.

Moments like that is what sent Pacey to the top of everyone's boyfriend list.
Funny as it seemed obvious even in the first season J and P were made for each other. Both fighters. I remember Paceys first relationship was that teacher. Then of course Andy who was equally as important.
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