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It also annoys me that out of a 4 season run, we only got a handful of episodes of Wade/Zoe actually being a couple in some way.

1x01 - One kiss and a 21 episode build up of them flirting in Season 1.
1x22 - Sex
2x01 - 2x16 - Together either as FWB or BF and GF.
2x21 - One night stand.
3x08 - One Kiss
4x01 - Sex
4x03 - 4x10 Couple then Married with a baby.

I'm definitely not complaining about what we got, but when you break that down, we really only got them being intimate on some level for only 28 episodes out of a 4 season run. They had Joel and Zoe a couple almost as long. I mean, it is what it is, but IMHO, the writers could have done better with their relationship during Season 3.
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